FunnyBaldGuy's Comedy Magic Show (in English)


FunnyBaldGuy’s Comedy Magic Show (in English)


Pub Limerick, Carrer Bruc, 55 08009 Barcelona, Spain

Show Name:

FunnyBaldGuy’s Comedy Magic Show (in English)


The Comedy Clubhouse


Date & Time:

SEP 2 AT 2 AM UTC+08 – SEP 2 AT 4 AM UTC+08

Show Description:

If you like magic or comedy, you’re gonna love this comedy magic show featuring Barcelona’s funniest and most talented magicians!!

FINALLY! We can have fun at night again!!!
YES! A Comedy & Magic Show in English!
Each week is a completely different show filled with comedy and magic… including plenty of laughs and unexplainable magical entertainment. Our shows are child friendly, dog friendly, and fun for all ages. The humor and magic is designed for adults - but kids 10 and up will have a good time (and adults won’t feel like it’s a show for kids).
The show will be performed in English - although, magic and visual comedy truly transcends language. So, even if your English isn’t perfect, you’re guaranteed to have a good time.
-8 PM Every Wednesday!
It’s just €5 per ticket (and an extra 75c to cover half the booking fee).

This week will be a complete blend of comedy and magic - don’t miss it!
-Always Starring: “FunnyBaldGuy”, Harris Fellman. Harris has a fun way of blending comedy with magic that manages to entertain people of all ages. This week, Harris will be performing magic like you’ve never seen it before (with tortillas!) and introducing you to the world’s only mind reading llama. Whatever else he may have up his sleeve, we promise you’ll laugh, be amazed, and hopefully both.
We always start the show with a variety of performers - all performing magic with comedy … comedy with magic … or just awesome magic.
This is where magicians come to work on new routines, work on their well-practiced routine in English, or just come to have fun.
All performers will be performing up close and personal magic on a small stage only a meter or two away from your table . So, you will experience the impossible , laugh, and have a great time.

You’ll experience mini-shows from 3 or 4 magicians who will be breaking out their most entertaining routines for you to enjoy. Each week is different. So, here’s a list of magicians who have performed in the past - and are likely to perform in the future as well. 🙂

  • Remy Marvely has been performing magic for over a decade. Remy performs comedy magic with a French accent - ooh la la. His fortune telling skills are so strong, just one month before the pandemic hit, he had the incredible vision to quit his high paying sales job to pursue a career in magic full time. Be sure to have him advise you on your future as well!
  • Magic Marc has been performing MORE than just magic for over 20 years. He’s performed all styles of magic in Catalan, Spanish, and occasionally in English. He has a brilliantly creative magic and comedy mind (although, during the lockdown moths, he did more ‘Singing from the Balcony’ that anything else.)
  • Bastien Bonilla loves card magic. I mean, he really LOVES card magic. His beautiful girlfriend came to the show last week because she wanted to make sure that Bastien wasn’t cheating on her with a deck of cards. (Spoiler alert: he was.) Even still, we call can’t wait to see what Bastien can do with cards this coming Wednesday!!
  • Mag Stigman has been performing MORE than just magic for over 20 years. He says “magic is not enough” and often blends magic with dance, juggling, and other talents during his stage performances (in Catalan and Spanish). He will be using his time with you to work on performing in English.
  • Tyler Haze is currently performing at Comediarte Theatre with his one man magic show “Todo y Mas” where he performs magic with many interesting elements such as metal, fire, salt, and silk. So, you never know what Tyler may do with his time with us in The Magic Hour, but it’s sure to become extraordinary miracles right in front of your very eyes.
  • Roger Belso , born and raised in Barcelona. Roger performs and creates magic all around Spain. His unique style of modern magic has landed him on many Spanish television programs. Roger is sure to blow your mind as he blends technology with ordinary objects right in front of your eyes.
    Because of space restrictions, there are only 20 seats available. Please reserve your spot by buying a ticket and be ready to have fun!!!