Fundamentals of Improv Comedy Weekend (Cardiff Impro | Nathan Improv)


Fundamentals of Improv Comedy Weekend (Cardiff Impro | Nathan Improv)


2 Shakespeare Street cf24 3es Cardiff, UK

Show Name:

Fundamentals of Improv Comedy Weekend (Cardiff Impro | Nathan Improv)


Plasnewydd Community Centre


Date & Time:

JUN 25 AT 6 PM – JUN 27 AT 12 AM UTC+08

Show Description:

-These will adhere to Nathan Improv’s covid practices, which fully comply with any current governmental rules - but may be more than theirs.
-The minimum amount of participants to run a class is 4. Upon a need to cancel the session, you will receive a refund from Eventbrite.
-You will need to provide a COVID-19 test result from each day.
For all walks of life, improv comedy will offer a development in confidence, communication and spontaneity. In-line with the background of Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, Will Ferrell and Brits such as Eddie Izzard, Paul Merton and Phil Jupitus, the course advocates the use of improvisation for everyone.
No need to be an actor or comedian, but you’re allowed too.
The weekend intensive is led by Nathan Improv.
What will you learn?
The class explores spontaneity and its application to create comedy live. We shall explore thoughts on spontaneity, and enhancing the performance of the players through using playfulness in their improvisation. Playfulness gets us out of the way of ego, judgement and expectations, which are three elements that kill our improv. Improv is great when people share the stage - we are reliant on one and another. It is also inclusive, as you will be in-play and a member of the moment no matter.
We shall learn the basics of improvisation, such as active listening, agreement and adding, and supporting each other. Improv is an open art form, where we search for freedom and honesty for comedy!
Useful to all, as the fundamentals are applicable to any areas of life: business and personal.
Get into comedy, spontaneity and theatre that assists people’s desires and flexibility.
‘Thank you for your power and being dynamic!’ Anonymous, Germany
‘I really love the focus of this workshop… Thanks for everything.’ pek Nisa Beslen, Turkey
‘Awakened lots of thoughts; really interesting…’ Anonymous, Finland
Who is welcome?
New people are welcome just as much as those that are experienced. No experience necessary, as the class can incorporate exactly what you need to start as a beginner and deepen your performance if already well practiced.
I offer a free place if it can be managed for those that cannot afford the class. This will depend on availability and demand (not too few and not too many people).
Due to the nature of these times, I have limited the class to 8. This impacts what we do, and so does being covid.
The Teacher
Nathan Keates (Nathan Improv) is a trainer, improvisation teacher and a performing arts teacher; that is only a distinction on subject. He trained in film acting in 2005 - 2008. Nowadays, Keates is a theatre-maker, improviser/clown, and researcher. So yes, he is so addicted to improv, impro, improvisation that he researches it too. Nathan began teaching improvisation in 2006 and quickly got teaching in another country, the States. In 2007, he found a love for applied improvisation for autistic people; this connection sprung into reality there and then. His continual professional development has remained, seeking the new and the wonderful in his practice and his teaching.
The teacher will wear an ffp3 mask for the duration of the course (and step out for air to breathe at various intervals).
Be kind, be honest and be taking my class!
Many thanks.

PLEASE NOTE: this is an in-person class and will use ventilation systems (e.g., opening windows - lets hope it ain’t cold!). There may be issues to overcome, but we will manage any problem together and swiftly – there should not be, but improv is about teamwork, so I will instil this even if something arises.
Venue is TBC! With Covid-19 in existence, arranging events can be troublesome, please be patient. If a venue becomes impossible due to covid limiting or other reasons for restrictions, we can transfer the class online (with less hours of teacher contact) and you will receive fifty percent of your booking cost (not including the Eventbrite fee).