Frikin' Comedy Long Friday! Nir Gottleid & The Revenge of the Jewdi


Frikin’ Comedy Long Friday! Nir Gottleid & The Revenge of the Jewdi


Stargarder Straße 33 10437 Berlin, Germany

Show Name:

Frikin’ Comedy Long Friday! Nir Gottleid & The Revenge of the Jewdi


La Minga


Date & Time:

FEB 26 AT 3:30 AM – FEB 26 AT 5 AM UTC+08

Show Description:

It’s our special end of the month show where we give one of our favourite comedians a whole hour to themselves. With your regular host and a top support act it will definitely be a special show!

This month, Nir Gottleid (”The Berlin Offensive”, “Schindler’s Fist”, and more) is coming to Frikin’ to put on his one hour solo show “The Revenge of the Jewdi” - for the first time in Berlin!

Nir is a Berlin based Israeli comic who has performed in the US, the Czech Republic, the UK and Germany is going on his debut solo tour. Nir is in Germany to, as he says, “make Germans feel uncomfortable as a form of reparations”; he would prefer to date Germans to achieve his goal, but sadly German women have intelligence, common sense, and eyes - and therefore he’s forced to do comedy instead. His combination of dark humor, self-deprecation, and obscene “dad jokes” will leave him in stitches, because you are very likely to stab him after his set.

Nir’s first solo hour, “The Revenge of the Jew-di”, is a collection of jokes that are guaranteed to make you both laugh and feel deeply uncomfortable. Straight off the smashing success of the of “The Berlin Offensive” - Berlin’s best (and, then, only!) dark comedy showcase in English and “Schindler’s Fist” (volumes 1 through 4) - a showcase of Jewish, Israeli, and Middle Eastern humor (with some German humor thrown in for good measure) - Nir wants to share the bounty of tasteless jokes with the rest of Germany.

Francesco Kirchhoff, voted “most likely to turn into a muppet by the age of 40” by his fellow comedians, will open the show, showing the world how wounds can heal 75 years after the holocaust by listening to a Jew telling him what to do.

The show is in English and is ages 18 and up - and is not meant for the easily offended.