Floor - Comedy Talkshow by Michael Szatmary Vol. 32

Title:- Floor - Comedy Talkshow by Michael Szatmary Vol. 32

Venue:- Luna Bar - Hotel Kyjev
Rajská 2, 81108 Bratislava, Slovakia

Show Name:- Floor - Comedy Talkshow by Michael Szatmary Vol. 32

Host:- Comedy Talk Show/Luna Bar-Hotel Kyjev/Michael Szatmary

Artists:- Michael Szatmary/Róbert Bezák/Eňa Podzámska

Date & Time:- Tuesday, December 10, 2019 at 8 AM – 10 PM

Show Description:- Christmas and Hanukkah are still ahead of us, but we’ll have a present a little earlier. And in the form of the 32nd sequel of the most successful talk show in the Old Town. Again we managed to invite great guests. Who can you look forward to?

Róbert Bezák - the youngest Slovak archbishop, currently teaches religion and ethics at the C.S. Lewis

Eňa Podzámska - actress who wanted to become a doctor. She worked in the USA. After returning to Slovakia she was involved in modeling. Later she fully developed her talent and reflected on the theater for serials, dubbing and movies.

Ultrasound - A joint music project by two rappers Veca and Ton S. Their lyrics are worth listening to. They sophistically and in the right rhythm take over all social topics and add a joke.

Joe Trendy - a lawyer, a lover of coke and pizza, decided that instead of standing in front of his court he would better stand-up in front of an audience. And he did it right, because his humor goes well.

URL:- https://z-m-www.facebook.com/events/980584428954756/