Fight Night, play by Elias Fountoulis on 22nd Nov,2019

Title:- Fight Night, play by Elias Fountoulis

Venue:- Λοσάντζελε
Κορυζή 4, 11743 Athens, Greece

Show Name:- Fight Night, play by Elias Fountoulis

Host:- Los Angeles

Artists:- MC Elias Fountoulis, and with him
Angel Spiliopoulos and
Spilos Floros.
Guest Costas Kryos

Date & Time:- 22nd Nov,2019 at 9PM onwards

Show Description:- Every Friday in Los Angeles the scene is left to comedians who specialize in the mystical art of puns!
Elias Fountoulis, Alexandros Harizanis, Paris Roupos, Angelos Spiliopoulos, Alexandros Titkov, Dimitra Nikitea, Dimitris Kyriadzidon and many others present a unique play, with a different composition, each with a different composition.

Comedy Stands, Audiences of the moment with the participation of the public and a great fight, different every time between comedians for the worst game … Will you manage not to laugh?