English Stand-Up Comedy - Tuesday Open Mic #6

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The Wall Comedy

Show Name:

English Stand-Up Comedy - Tuesday Open Mic #6


The Wall Comedy, Comedy in English Berlin and Pascal Hausberger Comedy


Date & Time:

NOV 30 AT 3 AM – NOV 30 AT 5:30 AM UTC+08

Show Description:

Welcome to Tuesday Open Mic, the Open Mic for new jokes and comedians!

“Open Mic…does that mean it will be a boring show?” Nope, not at all!

It just means it’s a show that’s open to all performers, from beginners to pros. It’s a casual show where comedians can experiment with new jokes…and let’s be honest, a joke that bombs is quite funny too! :laughing:

This is an Open Mic, where we have
• Beginners losing their comedy virginity
• Experienced comedians trying new material
• The hosts Simon Gonzales and Pascal Hausberger will entertain with new jokes and crowd interaction throughout the show

The lockdown is long gone (hopefully), you don’t need to still stay home anymore! Instead of staying home and watching Netflix, why not come and experience comedy LIVE???

You can’t hear the sound and feel the fun of being right in the middle of the room while the comedians tell jokes online. That’s ONLY possible live in person! :smiley:

Plus if you ever wanted to try Stand-Up yourself, here’s your chance! Signing up is as easy as just showing up and putting your name in the hat (more details below)

Reserve your seat by clicking the link to Eventbrite! (reservations are valid until 10min before show begin)

“Do I really need to reserve?”, you might be asking. Nope you don’t, but you’re risking not being able to join the show once it’s already full. Plus to make the heavy effort of clicking the link and putting in your name worth it, we will give you a BIG and warm hug! :slightly_smiling_face:

So reserve your seat now!

:arrow_right: Every second Tuesday from 8:30-10:30pm, door opens at 8:00pm
:arrow_right: at The Wall Comedy Club, right at Boxhagener Platz
:arrow_right: If you had a good time, a donation would be appreciated to keep the show running :blush:

For comedians:
Please come and register your name until 20:15h the latest. We can only have a maximum of 12 performers. We will pull out 12 names out of the hat at 20:15h and do the lineup then.

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