Dirty Anxious Vampire @ Edinburgh Fringe


Dirty Anxious Vampire @ Edinburgh Fringe


19 Blair Street EH1 1QR Edinburgh, UK

Show Name:

Dirty Anxious Vampire @ Edinburgh Fringe


City Cafe Edinburgh


Date & Time:

THURSDAY, AUGUST 4, 2022 AT 9:25 PM – 10:25 PM UTC+08

Show Description:

What is the show about?

What does sex means to you? It’s the question that Mihai asked himself in his debut solo show “Dirty Anxious Vampire”.
Join him in this coming-of-age story filled with dirty jokes, absurd humor, and a deep fear of squatting toilets.
Take a journey through his surreal childhood and laugh at the obstacles that he encountered growing up such as social anxiety, sexual frustration, epilepsy, bird phobia, and many more.

If you are still not yet convinced that you should watch this show then let me ask you the following questions:

"Were you the quietest in your group of friends? "
“Did you ever have a panic attack ?”
"Are you afraid of death? "
“Have you heard your parents having sex ?”
"You were ashamed to wear short pants in the summer because you thought your legs were hairier than a gorilla’s? "

If you answered yes to any of these questions you should probably seek therapy but before that get a ticket for this show!

Who is Mihai Tartara?

Mihai Tartara it’s a stand-up comedian and a bad software developer originally from a small city in Romania, whose name is very similar to “Chernobyl” and it also has a nuclear plant.
He has started stand-up in the dark side of Europe (Denmark) but now resides in Berlin where he can be seen performing almost every night as well as running showcases and his open mic “Naked Dirty Minds”

Mihai’s comedy is autobiographical and brutally honest, he doesn’t hold back when it comes to expressing his emotions and opinions, and his style is a contrasting mix of abstract thinking and sexual imagery with a strong emphasis on storytelling.

Where is the show?
🗺️ The City Cafe - Nineties, 19 Blair St, Edinburgh EH1 1QR