"DEN GRA SIDE" (The Gray Page) by Soren Rasted

Podcast:- “DEN GRA SIDE” (The Gray Page)
Host:- Soren Rasted
Country:- DENMARK

Short Description:- Sex, humor and boy talk. Sit at the table when well-known Danish artists, comedians, hosts and spectators read erotic stories from the old Weekly Report magazine.
Remember: Porn should be seen with the ears!

Website URL:- https://www.facebook.com/dengraaside/

(a) Breaking News (Season 3)
URL:- https://www.listennotes.com/podcasts/den-grå-side/sæson-3-breaking-news-uV_yE3LDIOF/
(b) Progr 7 “Herre´Special” Hyggesnak
URL:- (https://www.listennotes.com/podcasts/den-grå-side/sæson-3-progr-7-herre-8jhgsNU-oq_/)