DCXCIX. Dumb Bitch Contest (Natalie Cuomo And Rob Mailloux)

Natalie Cuomo and Rob Mailloux join Luis J. Gomez and Zac Amico and discuss Luis's car getting into an accident, the dumb things Natalie has done including getting an ex's name tattooed on her, fans calling in with their submissions for the Dumb Bitch Wife contest, the difference between when men snoop through a woman's phone vs vice versa, when Natalie cheated on an ex-boyfriend, the most public place they've had sex, Bill Cosby being denied parole, the homeless shelter being built on Billionaire's Row, Luis trying to get Sport laid, the video of cops stomping on a man's legs, the 17 year old that saved her dogs from a bear, Florida banning trans women from female sports, Chicago's successful Memorial Day weekend, Jake Paul fighting Tyron Woodley and so much more!

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