DCCXLIX. Planet Orthodontist (Tim Butterly And Mike Rainey)

Tim Butterly and Mike Rainey join Luis J. Gomez and Zac Amico and discuss Crazy Town's Butterfly, Luis recovering from being violently ill after a night in Royersford, dying by being burned alive, scary children's fairytales, Machine Gun Kelly throwing shade at Slipknot, an update on the Gabby Petito murder and the addition of Dog the Bounty Hunter to the mix, Luis being a murder consultant, men being babies when they're sick, the man who won the Jelly Belly candy factory, checking their kids' Halloween candy and which treats they steal from them, the gorilla who gave oral sex to another gorilla at the zoo, the mom and toddler that fell to their death at a stadium and the mom who threw her kids off a bridge in Louisiana, Google's 23rd birthday and so much more!

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