DCCXL. Dance SafeGermaine (Brendan Sagalow And Scott Chaplain)

Brendan Sagalow and Scott Chaplain join Luis J. Gomez and Zac Amico and discuss being the less attractive sibling, Luis getting ready to go to Jamaica...again, why donating to charities isn't real ass, Luis feeling guilty for throwing stuff away, how Casper's uncles look just like the Legion of Skanks, cocaine cut with fentanyl leading to an accidental overdose by 3 comedians, what you're supposed to say to someone who just lost a loved one, the Georgia sports reporter harassed by drunk fans, Luis' experiences with handsy fans, a new contest to help Luis to find a new girl to simp for after Boomer girl "got fat," who's the hottest dog girl and so much more!

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