DCCCLXXXIX. Condomnation (Joe List And Chrissie Mayr)

Joe List and Chrissie Mayr join Luis J. Gomez and Zac Amico and they discuss the dreams they had as kids, Chrissie doing a handstand, Luis' scene in Joe and Louis CK's movie, Chrissie getting engaged, how Joe proposed to his wife, whether Chrissie would have a threesome with her fiancé, NYC subway horror stories, Mug Shawty Mondays, Does It Live - the guy who gets electrocuted, conspiracy theories surrounding Anne Heche, whether Chrissie is a right winger, the diplomat arrested for rape and released on diplomatic immunity, the guy spraying Hasidic Jewish men with a fire extinguisher, the sex doll that washed up on the beach and so much more!

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