DCCCLXXVIII. Uncle AIDSy (Sidney Gantt, LeMaire Lee And Chloe LaBranche)

Sidney Gantt, LeMaire Lee and Chloe LaBranche join Zac Amico and they discuss Dane Cook getting engaged to a younger woman and the guys white knighting online about it, different words for poop, Chloe in therapy and whether or not she's a pathological liar, Chloe getting banned from rehab, parents accusing a Chuck E. Cheese mascot of racial discrimination, Sidney getting kicked out of his house by his uncle with AIDS, the granny who wanted a penis statue on her grave, Grand Theft Auto introducing their first playable female character, what video game Chloe should try, the Ethnic Cleansing video game, the man arrested for attempted murder after a McDonald's altercation over cold fries, the group of people in the Bronx who were luring men to a hotel room to rob them and so much more!

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