Daniel Sloss: HUBRIS Tour

Title:- Daniel Sloss: HUBRIS Tour

Venue:- AFAS Live, Johan Cruijff Boulevard 590, 1101 DS Amsterdam,

Show Name:- Daniel Sloss: HUBRIS Tour

Host:- Daniel Sloss & Mojo Concerts Noordeinde 21, 2611 KE, Delft, The Netherlands

Artists:- Daniel Sloss

Date & Time:- Saturday, 22-05-2021 @ 19:00 onwards

Show Description:- With his previous critically acclaimed show X, Daniel Sloss toured the world non-stop for 17 months, playing more than 300 shows in 40 countries. This will be a unique evening, so don’t miss it. Daniel Sloss does not give many shows this year, and certainly not outside the UK. He is eager to get back on stage.
Prices include € 4.50 service costs

URL:- https://www.ticketmaster.nl/artist/daniel-sloss-tickets/464763