Daniel Sloss 'Hubris' // AFAS Live Amsterdam

Title:- Daniel Sloss ‘Hubris’ // AFAS Live Amsterdam

Venue:- AFAS Live, ArenA Boulevard 590, 1101 DS Amsterdam, Netherlands, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Show Name:- Daniel Sloss ‘Hubris’ // AFAS Live Amsterdam

Host:- MOJO

Artists:- Daniel Sloss

Date & Time:- Sunday, Sept 05, 2021 at 08:00pm-11:00pm

Show Description:-

Daniel Sloss ‘Hubris’ // AFAS Live Amsterdam. It has been rescheduled to September 05, 2021.
For the first time in months, a world-class comedian will be seen in the Netherlands. Daniel Sloss will be coming to AFAS Live with his brand new show ‘HUBRIS’. The Scottish stand-up comedian is popping up to re-enter the podium and plays in a special 1.5-meter setting.

Daniel Sloss is praised for his tough jokes with razor-sharp timing: ‘dirty, sweet and clever’. Sloss’ shows are taboo-breaking and filled with his characteristic dark, intelligent and biting humor. Deliciously dark stand-up!

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