Crazy Stupid Berlin! International Comedy! May


Crazy Stupid Berlin! International Comedy!


Grünberger Straße 84 10245 Berlin, Germany

Show Name:

Crazy Stupid Berlin! International Comedy!


The Wall Comedy


Date & Time:

MAY 6 AT 2 AM – MAY 6 AT 4:30 AM UTC+08

Show Description:

A comedy show about Love and Dating! International comics telling jokes, stories and giving hilarious mock dating advice in English!

Finding a partner in Berlin is like looking for a flat, all the nice ones are taken, and the rest are outside the ring.
There is only one thing to do, laugh about it!
Our Love Doctors shall provide Jokes, Scandalous Stories, and Relationship Advice with the help of the audience.
We’re here to show you that even though you may be alone, you are never alone!
Presented by Tyrone Stallone (USA) and Daniel Olel (Uganda).
Doors Open at 19:45
If you bought a Student Discounted ticket you must present valid student ID at the door.
More about the show:
“How long is the show?”
The show is about 90-100 minutes long.
“All the reservations are taken, can I still get a seat?”
Of course! Not everyone with a reservation shows up. Berliners are busy and plans change all the time. We recommend that you get to the venue early and put your stuff name on the waiting list.
“What happens if I don’t get a seat?”
We are located in the heart of
Boxhagener Platz. There are plenty of bars and restaurants around. Find someplace cool to chill and book a ticket for next week.
“Is smoking allowed?”
Smoking is not allowed inside the bar.
“What time does the show actually start?”
It depends. We open the doors around 30 minutes before the start time. Sometimes we start 5-10 minutes later depending on the circumstances.
“Why should we come early?”
It’s better for people to come early so they have time to get their seats, grab a drink, have a smoke and play the game.
“What is the game?”
We pass out pens and paper for you to write down a question. The theme of the show is Love, Relationships, Dating, etc. But you can ask whatever you want. It is always best if it is a real question, because real answers are the funniest. The funniest question, or the question that initiates the best response, will receive a token that is good for 1 drink at the bar or 3 euros off of a long drink.
“Do I have to play the game?”
Of course not! Sometimes you just want to sit back and chill. We understand.


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