Comedy Zoo's Store Juleshow

Title:- Comedy Zoo’s Store Juleshow

Venue:- Comedy Zoo, Knabrostræde 19, 1208 Copenhagen, Copenhagen , Denmark

Show Name:- Comedy Zoo’s Store Juleshow

Host:- Comedy Zoo/Heino Hansen

Artists:- Dan Andersen & Mahamad Habane

Date & Time:- Thu Nov 14 2019 at 07:00 pm to 09:00 pm

Show Description:- Heino Hansen again hosts Comedy Zoo’s Big Christmas Show, which also counts Dan Andersen & Mahamad Habane. We promise it will be fun, we promise there is plenty of stand-up, but the rest of the gift you have to wait to open for Christmas. Everyone is welcome - companies, smaller groups or just you and your boyfriend - it’s the friendliest Christmas night for everyone.