** Comedy Pop! And suddenly, you are happy!

Title:- Comedy Pop! And suddenly, you are happy!

Venue:- Wild garden, 60 Quai d’Austerlitz, 75013 Paris, France

Show Name:- Comedy Pop! And suddenly, you are happy!

Host:- Jardin Sauvage/Wild Garden

Artists:- Gabriel Frances & Romuald Maufras

Date & Time:- Fri 24 July 2020 evening

Show Description:- This stand of comedians is a cloud of laughter and good humor to start your weekend off right!

Organized and presented by Gabriel Francès and Romuald Maufras , it will give you the opportunity to sit down with a drink in a comedy club and finally love being posed to laugh at everything with everyone. 5 renowned comedians (whether it is stand up, sketch, single on stage, several on stage, etc.) will come to make you want to have fun and have a good start to the evening on the barge of the Jardin Sauvage .

FREE entry, compulsory conso at the bar of the Comedy Club le Playtime, Hat out to allow artists to continue their profession.

Come and recover from your week because, like the sound of a bottle of Champ ', Comedy Pop gives you laughter in your Friday at aperitif time! And your weekend starts there!

URL:- https://www.eventbrite.fr/e/billets-comedy-pop-et-dun-coup-vous-etes-heureux-87636801031?aff=erelpanelorg