Comedy Night - Palace Panel Show | The Paxton Centre

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Comedy Night - Palace Panel Show | The Paxton Centre


The Paxton Centre

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Comedy Night - Palace Panel Show | The Paxton Centre


The Paxton Centre


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DEC 31 AT 3 AM – DEC 31 AT 5 AM UTC+08

Show Description:

Could you do with a laugh?
Well, this lovely bunch of comedians will make sure you have one.
Join us on the last Friday of the month for a side-splitting romp through the week’s news. It’s in a format, not entirely disimilar to those TV panel shows, but this one is live and unedited, plus there is a bar.
Our team will bring you the freshest, topical comedy and an all-round fun night with a different line-up every month.
We’ve been gathering reviews from members of the Palace Panel Show audience. Here’s some of our favourite feedback…
“My husband and I have been to a couple of the Palace Panel Shows to meet up with friends, they were great nights, original comedy, with a fab intimate venue. Would definitely recommend to others.” Lisa from Tonbridge
“Surprisingly funny.” Sarah from Gipsy Hill
“I thought the way quotes work is that you write them then ask us if we are happy to be quoted? But from our very enjoyable evening in April, I would recommend the panel’s witty playing off each other.” Mike from Paddington
“A wonderfully convivial evening with just the right ratio of belly laughs and beer." Helly from Penge
“A volcanic blast of molten humour flowing into every orifice - bringing rapture and delight and being sure to burn the cockles of your heart!” Chris from Wallington

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