Comedy Knights Juniors: Holly & The Dreamcatcher

Title:- Comedy Knights Juniors: Holly & The Dreamcatcher

Venue:- Salesian Theater, Sliema

Show Name:- Comedy Knights Juniors: Holly & The Dreamcatcher

Host:- Salesian Theater/Comedy Nights

Date & Time:- Fri, 20 Dec,2019 7:30 pm

Show Description:- For The First Time Ever - Join the Comedy Knights with a BRAND NEW INTERACTIVE Christmas Show for the Whole Family!
This coming Christmas the guys at Comedy Knights are hard at work brewing your new favourite Christmas family outing. Written and directed by Malcolm Galea, the mind behind your favourite Christmas pantomimes over the last ten years, Holly and the Dreamcatcher is an interactive and hilariously fun Christmas adventure for all your family to enjoy – from excitable girls and boys to exhausted mummies and daddies, this show promises a rollicking fun time for all.

Set around the power of Christmas dreams – from temporary wishes to the long-term desires that define us – the show sees our hero Holly having to spend her Christmas Eve babysitting little Jasper. However as events unfold, she soon finds herself in a madcap Christmas.

The show stars family theatre veterans James Ryder, Rambert Attard, Sean Briffa, Francesca Scerri, Raquel Theuma, Samantha Cassar Ellis, Jeremy Grech and Steffie Weenink and opens at the Salesians Theatre on the 20th December.