Comedy Games at Pub Felicita

Title:- Comedy Games at Pub Felicita

Venue:- Pub Felicità, Plac Solny, 16, 50-062 Wroclaw, Poland, Wroclaw, Poland

Show Name:- Comedy Games at Pub Felicita

Host:- Pub Felicità, Plac Solny,/Ben Wheatland and Sviat Marinated

Artists:- Ben Wheatland and Sviat Marinated

Date & Time:- Tue Nov 12 2019 at 07:30 pm to 09:30 pm

Show Description:- Lets play a game! Or maybe even a few games. There is a new comedy show in town, trying something different this time. It’s Comedy Underground, because the show will be happening in the basement.
Performers will be on their toes for your entertainment and it’s for you to decide what they will be joking about and what’s funny. A whole night based on crowd-work, improvised jokes and audience interactions. Almost like stand-up, but quite not stand-up. Definitely not improv, but just as unpredictable. Something close to Cards Against Humanity, but the stage is your board, and performers are your Monopoly pawns … It’s like you have a remote! But unfortunately none of the buttons work. (Makes zero sense, but you’ll just have to come and see for yourself to understand)
Bring your best ideas down, and we will make them funny. Comedy Games!