Comedy Estonia: Underground Open Mic

Title:- Comedy Estonia: Underground Open Mic

Whatever Ltd.
Pikk 35, Tallinn, Estonia

Show Name:- Comedy Estonia: Underground Open Mic

Host:- Whatever Ltd./Comedy Estonia

Artists:- Miscellaneous

Date & Time:- Wednesday, November 27, 2019 at 9 PM – 11 PM

Show Description:- We love our Open Mic events! This is where our comedians can gather to test their new material, and the audience can hear fresh jokes directly from the comedians’ thoughts and notebooks. It is also very important for us to develop young comedians because the only way to get good at stand-up is to do it again and again. Just to make it possible, we created it at the Undergroud Open Mic Bar. Whatever it is, a super small space where we can experiment, have fun and create the opportunity for our newest comedians to step on stage - just what every new performer needs.

Any bar can accommodate only 40 people. That’s why this event is very different from our usual Comedy Estonia Open Mic event, but it still promises to be a very spirited Open Mic!