"Comedy Cavern" : Oisin Hanlon and Guests at Cork, Ireland

Title:- “Comedy Cavern” : Oisin Hanlon and Guests at Cork, Ireland

Venue:- Coughlan’s,
7 Douglas Street,Cork

Show Name:- Comedy Cavern" : Oisin Hanlon and Guests

Date & Time:- Tue, 27th Aug,2019, 8:30PM

Artist:- Joe Rooney/Al Lubel/John Colleary/Oisin Hanlon

Description:- The Comedy Cavern is an alternative Comedy Club, located in Coughlans pub on Douglas Street. Some gigs are open mics, some feature the best of Cork Comedy, we also run “Fringe Interests” nights featuring the best shows from last years Edinburgh Fringe, preview nights where acts try out this years Edinburgh show, and we occasionally have top class professional comics like Joe Rooney and Al Lubel gracing our stage.

More Upcoming Shows:- 10th Sept,2019/ 17th Sept,2019/ 10th Nov,2019

URL:- http://www.coughlans.ie/whats-on/comedy-cavern-11114105