Comedic Combat: Comedy Roast Battle!

Title:- Comedic Combat: Comedy Roast Battle!

Venue:- Kramladen
U-Bahnbogen 39-40, Lerchenfeldergürtel, 1080 Vienna, Austria

Show Name:- Comedic Combat: Comedy Roast Battle!

Host:- Vienna Chuckles-Stand Up Comedy/Kramladen

Artists:- Reginald Barris.

Date & Time:- Monday, November 18, 2019 at 8 PM – 11 PM

Show Description:- We’re back for another round of Comedic Combat! A Roast Battle is a very special type of comedy show, where 2 comedians go head-to-head in cutthroat competition! Modeled after Comedy Central’s “Roast Battle” and “Roastmasters” in NYC, the battlers take turns slinging a slew of viciously funny jokes at each other’s expense. Good-natured insult comedy at it’s finest, things are going to get raw and personal–but don’t worry, the audience is safe from the danger zone!
The first half of the show will be a standard stand-up comedy show to let you get to know the contenders. After a short intermission, the battle begins in the second half, and we let loose with no holds barred roasting!
Comedic Contenders:
Jack Holmes
[Sonja Pikart][Okello Dunkley Comedian]
Tamas Vamos – Comedy
David Stockenreitner