Casey's Comedy Corner

Title:- Casey’s Comedy Corner

Venue:- Casey’s Bar
Casey’s Bar, Triq Sir William Reid, Malta Gzira

Show Name:- Casey’s Comedy Corner

Host:- Casey’s Bar

Artists:- Open Mic Comedy

Date & Time:- Wednesday, December 11, 2019 at 8 PM – 11 PM

Show Description:- What isn’t to like about a night of stand up comedy? The answer is nothing! And that is exactly what ‘Casey’s Comedy Corner’ event is - a night for you to see various performers who’s sole intention is to make you laugh!

It’s also an open mic comedy night so if you’re always cracking jokes and making people laugh, or you have a family member or friend who you think has a special skill for making people laugh - then bring them down and they can have a go in front of our audience!

As with all our events here at Casey’s it’s friendly and informal and we always have a great audience who make you feel like you’re just chatting to your mates…oh and there is a free drink for anyone who takes the mic! :wink:

…and did we mention it’s free entry :smiley:

URL:- Casey's Comedy Corner