Bucharest Best Comedy Film

Title:- Bucharest Best Comedy Film

Venue:- Bucharest, Romania

Show Name:- Bucharest Best Comedy Film

Host:- Bucharest Best Comedy Film

Artists:- Misc Artists

Date & Time:- 22nd/23rd/24th Nov, 2019 at 6PM onwards

Show Description:- "Why is there so little comedy nowadays? Because we all want to be perfect. We learn to be technical, we train to be strong, we sleep to wake up, we forget to dream. We only smile when we manage to we see what others tell us is good. Well, if everyone appreciates arithmetic how can anyone paint. Only a fool who appreciates painting can smile. " says Enea Dabija, president of Bucharest Best Comedy Film.

Bucharest has part of the first festival dedicated entirely to comedy films. For almost a week, on November 22-27, ten international comedy films are premiered in the most important cinemas and cultural spaces in Bucharest: Grand Cinema Digiplex, Holywood Multiplex, Happy Cinema and Arcub.

URL:- https://z-m-www.facebook.com/events/1230069283860368/