Break The Ice : A Comedy Game Show | Pay What You Want

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Break The Ice : A Comedy Game Show | Pay What You Want


Göttin der Weisheit

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Break The Ice : A Comedy Game Show | Pay What You Want


Comedy in English Berlin and Mihai Tartara Comedy


Date & Time:

DEC 16 AT 2:59 AM – DEC 16 AT 5:30 AM UTC+08

Show Description:

:question: Are you a shy person ?
:question: Are you struggling with making connections?
:question: Are you new in town ?
Then join us for this interactive comedy game show where you gonna have a great laugh and meet new people.:grinning:
##How the show works ? ##
For the show we will have two teams of comedians battling each other using stand-up and improvisation and you are going to decide which team leaves home with the cash prize.
The show is divided in 3 rounds
Round 1(Stand-up set)
Each comedian is gonna do a 5 minute stand-up set, the material will range from squeaky clean to deeply dark.
Round 2(Rapid Fire Improv)
There is a gonna be a list with different scenarios such as "What you shouldn’t say to Kanye West ", “Commercials That Never Made it to Air”, “What can you say to your partner but not to your parents ? "
Our comedians will have to come up with the quickest answer to these scenarios.
Round 3 (Would you rather?)
Before the show we will hand out pieces of paper for everybody in the audience in order to write down their “Would you rather” scenarios, any question is allowed and our comedians will improvise based on that.
Examples of Scenarios:
:question: Would you rather be able to fly or be able to breathe underwater?”
:question: Would you rather go a year without desserts or have to eat a spoonful of wasabi every single day?
:question: Would you rather kiss your crush after not brushing your teeth for a week or know you won’t kiss them at all for the next year?
Don’t wait any longer and grab your tickets for this fabulous evening.:star_struck:
Free Entry + Donation based. We suggest a donation of 10€ - 15€. Students & unemployed 5€ - 7€.
Refugees welcome as guests.
We accept cards & cash.
##Where & When?##
:round_pushpin:8pm @Göttin der Weisheit: Lenaustraße 5, 12047 Berlin. Near Hermannplatz.
The bar itself is a very cozy space. They offer authentic Gambian food with vegan/meat/gluten-free options for 6-8€. Come early to grab a plate of deliciousness.
Predrink & dinner: 7 - 8.30pm
Show starts 8.30pm
##Corona rules?##
Currently, all Covid restrictions have been lifted in Berlin, masks are optional, please wear them if you wish, that is your business.

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