Bratislava Caviar Decembrový

Title:- Bratislava Caviar Decembrový

Venue:- KC Dunaj
Nedbalova 3, 81101 Bratislava, Slovakia

Show Name:- Bratislava Caviar Decembrový

Host:- Bratislava Caviar/KC Dunaj/Turban Quiz/Joe Trendy & few others

Artists:- Strong Speech, Luzhčák, Pančlajn and Turban Quiz/Bratislava Caviar/Joe Trendy

Date & Time:- Monday, December 2, 2019 at 8 PM – 10 PM

Show Description:- This is the year in which Slovakia changed. Clown in custody, Fico in alcohol, Neighbors again on TV. A proven comedian lineup explains in two hours why you live in a better world.

Bratislava’s Caviar is an entertaining show in which comedians from Strong Speech, Luzhčák, Pančlajn and Turban Quiz together comment on the most recent events from Slovakia and the world. Come and have fun on the topics chosen by comedian Kubo Lužina along with his intergalactic boring colleague Matej Mošk.