"Bill Bailey: En Route to Normal" show at Manchaster Arena

Title:- “Bill Bailey: En Route to Normal”

Venue:- Manchaster Arena

Show Name:- “Bill Bailey: En Route to Normal”

Host:- Manchaster Arena and Bill Bailey

Artists:- Bill Bailey

Date & Time:- Wednesday, 22 Dec 2021 @ 20:00 onwards

Show Description:- Billy Bailey is an English stand-up comedian and musician known to blend the two art forms into a clever and frenetic live show. Classically trained at the London College of Music, Bailey describes himself as a bit of a misfit who always wanted to mess around with his instruments rather than stick to the often dry material found in his classes. This bout of irreverence led to his interest in comedy, which he began to explore in the mid-80s through performances with various theatre troupes. Live, Bailey incorporates instruments such as keyboard, guitars and percussion into his routines, adding a unique twist to the stand-up format. Bailey is also known in the UK for his devotion to charity work, including a heavy interest in animal rights.

URL:- Bill Bailey, Dec 22nd 8:00pm, Manchester, eventseeker