Big Stand Up - Glory to Komissarenko in Riga

Title:- Big Stand Up - Glory to Komissarenko in Riga

Venue:- Studio69
Terbatas iela 73, Riga, Latvia-1001

Show Name:- Big Stand Up - Glory to Komissarenko in Riga

Host:- Studio 69

Artists:- Komissarenko/Studio 69

Date & Time:- Friday, November 1, 2019 at 7 PM – 9 PM

Show Description:- f you at least like a little love to laugh (and we are sure that you love) - just go!
You will laugh, smile, rejoice and see yourself in jokes!
After all, the humor of Glory Komissarenko shows the vital moments that each of us faces! Whether it’s an iPhone that falls and that you try to catch with your foot and do only “better” or when people part with each other and take their likes.

A comedian from Belarus has achieved incredible recognition on the Russian stage.
The comedian’s humorous arsenal is inexhaustible. The glory of Komisarenko is that person who is always able to surprise. Everything is explained simply: each program of Glory is unique and funny. So this time, stand-up comedian intends to defeat the audience with the help of a completely new program!
Come and see for yourself! Charge yourself with positive energy and retell jokes to your friends before this material is released on TNT;)