Berlin Psychos: We turn Insanity into Hilarity | Standup Comedy & in English

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Berlin Psychos: We turn Insanity into Hilarity | Standup Comedy & in English


Z-Bar Berlin

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Berlin Psychos: We turn Insanity into Hilarity | Standup Comedy & in English


Moni Zhang Comedy, Z-Bar Berlin and Comedy in English Berlin


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DEC 31 AT 2:30 AM – DEC 31 AT 5 AM UTC+08

Show Description:

Anxiety, Depression, ADHD, Bipolar… You name it, we have it. Living with mental health issues is not easy but hella funny!
Join us for a night of dark jokes & celebration of another year’s survival!


:microphone: Host - Moni Zhang :cn: (INS @moni.zhang.comedy)
Winner of Berlin New Standup Award 2019 & Founder of Berlin Mental Health Festival. Moni is featured by BBC, Euronews, Scottish Field, and The Scotsman. Now touring with her Edinburgh Fringe 2022 Sell-out show “Child from Wuhan”. Check more at
Moni battles with Depressive Bipolar Disorder & ADHD.
:microphone: Tera Kilbride :us: (INS @teracomedy_)
Tera has been dealing with anxiety in creative ways since she was 9 years old. She’s achieved the anxiety hattrick: OCD, anxiety, cPTSD - which is just a way of attempting to control the inevitable. Good thing for 2020…it´s all a crapshoot, now! She strangely feels calm in the midst of chaos.
Her pursuits took her through a lifetime of performance making, improvisation, theater, and stand up comedy, and a masters degree in psychology. After moving to Berlin she moved her focus towards being a comedian, host and producer – because frankly, you can get way, way weirder.
:microphone: Drew Portnoy :us: (INS @andrewbulkeley)
Drew moved to Berlin nearly 20 years ago and still isn’t sure he wants to stay. He uses his dry wit to recount his love affair with Germany’s capital and the scars (and children) it’s left him. He is a regular on the German comedy scene and has appeared on Comedy Central’s Roast Battle.
Drew is depressed, as you should if you are the oldest standup comic alive in Berlin.
:microphone: Rob Moriarty :ireland: (INS @robdoescomedy)
Rob Moriarty is an Irish comedian who has also performed in Germany and the UK. Winner of Berlin New Standup Award 2022 & London Backyard Comedy Knockout Competition 2022.
“The future of comedy. God help us” - David Mc Savage.
Rob is severely anxious and has OCD. Not to mention, he’s gay!
:microphone: Mihai Tartara (INS @mihaithewerewolf)
Mihai is a stand-up comedian originally from Romania. He has started stand-up in the dark side of Europe (Denmark ) but he has recently moved to Berlin where he performs almost every night, as well as running his own shows.
His topics mostly include borderline incomprehensible abstract concepts or deeply explicit sexual material.
His anxiety stems exclusively from irrational thoughts with the fear of death being a constant thread in his everyday life.


It’s NOT A FREE SHOW. It’s Pay What You Want. You just decide the amount you want to pay AFTER the show. Artists deserve to be paid. If you plan to not pay at all, please don’t come to our show!!
Free Entry + Donation based. We suggest a donation of 12€-20€. Students & unemployed 5€-7€.
Refugees welcome as guests.
We accept cards & cash.

When & where

Friday 30. Dec
Doors open: 7.30pm
Showtime: 8pm - 9.45pm
:round_pushpin: Z-Bar: Bergstraße 2, 10115 Berlin. Near Rosenthaler Platz

Corona rules

Currently, all Covid restrictions have been lifted in Berlin, masks are optional, please wear them if you wish, that is your business.

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