Beginners Improvisation Comedy Course - June - Leeds (3 Sundays)


Beginners Improvisation Comedy Course - June - Leeds (3 Sundays)


(5) Beginners Improvisation Comedy Course - June - Leeds (3 Sundays) | Facebook

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Beginners Improvisation Comedy Course - June - Leeds (3 Sundays)


161-165 Woodhouse Lane,Woodhouse,LS2 3ED,GB


Date & Time:

SUNDAY, JUNE 12, 2022 AT 8 PM – 1 AM UTC+08

Show Description:

Beginners Improvisation Comedy Course - 3 Sundays


Discount Comedy Checkout - Beginners Improvisation Course -

Meeting every Sunday for 3 Sundays - 1pm - 6pm on the following dates:-

JUNE 12TH, 19TH, 26TH

Running for over 15 years The Discount Comedy Checkout have become one of the biggest UK improv groups with constant shows throughout each year in a variety of venues. Now we bring our knowledge to you with our selection of courses. Taught by members of the troupe you will learn how to bring improvisation comedy to the stage and perform in your first showcase in front of an invited audience (Friends & Family) - The final showcase takes place in the last hour of the final session and perfoming in it is optional and not a requirement of the course (See the FAQ below)
About the Beginners Course : Perfect for total beginners or those with some experience, this course is ideal for a confidence boost and you’ll be amazed at how quickly your skills will grow.
FAQ : Do I need to be funny to do the course?
A : Absolutely not - we will guide you through every step of the way and the comedy comes from the situations !
FAQ : I have never done anything like this before and am nervous. Will nerves get the better of me?
A : Nerves are fine and expected and we have a 100% track record of getting everyone through the course - there will be people just like you on the course. We also have a strict policy that you can sit out of anything you don’t want to do. We work in a comfortable environment at all times.
FAQ : The showcase part of the course is worrying me. Do i have to do this bit?
A : No - you can sit out of the final showcase if performing in front of the audience isn’t your thing. We will encourage you to do it obviously but if it’s a deal breaker you really don’t have to!
If you have any questions regarding the courses please don’t hesitate to contact Chris Lumb - [email protected] or call 07749661928
All courses take place upstairs in our leeds based show room at The Fenton.

Twitter @comedycheckout
Instagram @comedycheckout
Facebook @comedycheckout
More information, terms and conditions and safety:-
We will continually monitor the COVID 19 situation and update students about this. We with have measures in place in the venue which comply with the latest government rules and safety. It is our priority for all students safety and comfort at all times. In the event of the UK going back into lockdown we would either offer to continue the sessions online or agree as a group to wait until it is safe to carry on with in person classes.
• Collaborate with your scene partner unless it is unsafe or demeaning to do so.
• Work together as a team. This is now your group so support each other on stage and off stage
• Respect physical and sexual boundaries – we employ a NO TOUCHING RULE.
• If at any time you want to stop a scene or exercise just say STOP and you can without having to tell us why.
• If you want to sit out of anything please also tell us – we want everyone to be comfortable.
• Risky subject matter will try to be avoided and we will aim to enforce this especially at the showcase show. Try to keep things light. The advanced course is for dark material!
• Don’t suffer in silence if you have questions or need anything explaining again – that’s what we are here for.
• The Discount Comedy Checkout reserves the right to remove anyone from the course who we deem to be disrupting the class for any reason at our discretion.
• Hate speech or discrimination will not be tolerated.
We reserve the right to remove anyone from our courses at anytime. We have this rule to protect our students and staff at all times.
Purchasing a ticket reserves your place on the course. It is also our indication you have read all of the above terms and conditions.


(5) Beginners Improvisation Comedy Course - June - Leeds (3 Sundays) | Facebook