Atypical - stand up comedy show

Title:- Atypical - stand up comedy show

Venue:- Studio Smijeha, Hebrangova 10, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia, Zagreb, Croatia

Show Name:- Atypical - stand up comedy show

Host:- Studio Smijeha

Artists:- Hrvoje Hrc Krmelić/Nikola Jovovic/Vanja Peric

Date & Time:- Fri Dec 06 2019 at 08:30 pm to 10:30 pm

Show Description:- Dragitza Rastegorac Grubisic is our atypical Zagorje Croatian name coming from Peru.
Hrvoje Hrc Krmelić our atypically out gay who doesn’t look like that.
Nikola Jovovic our atypical Serb from the island of Vis.
Vanja Peric is our comedian of an atypical name for a man, and even the middle name Matija does not help him in the whole story.
All of them will be joined by resident comedian of Studio Laughing Admir Sekkanovic, our atypical Muslim purger.

The only thing that is typical in this story is that you will come to the Studio Laughing and laughing to tears. Typical of us.