Apostle Rizos at Houzouri Cafe ,Limassol,Cyprus

Title:- Apostle Rizos at Houzouri Cafe

Venue:- Cafeneio Xouzouri
Zuck Jacques 5, 3036 Limassol

Show Name:- Apostle Rizos at Houzouri Cafe

Host:- Cafeneio Xouzouri

Artists:- Apostle Rizos

Date & Time:- Dec 13 at 10 PM – Dec 15 at 1 AM

Show Description:- After a period of successful performances throughout Greece, Apostle Rizos will be in Cyprus at the traditional Houzouri coffee shop in Limassol for two appearances, Friday the 13th and Saturday the 14th of December 2019.

Framed by Thodoris Kouelis on contrabass & bass effects, Apostolos performs in his characteristic way his favorite discography songs and songs from all time periods of Greek song in his characteristic way.

With rhythm, emotion, theatricality and craftsmanship, the Apostle Rizos and his “multi-engineered” musical group, blur the boundaries between different musical origins, passing from rebetiko to tradition and from folk to modern ballad.

URL:- https://z-m-www.facebook.com/events/470974610185305/