All inclusive - improvised holiday at the Playground

Title:- "All inclusive - improvised holiday at the Playground"

Venue:- Playground Bar, Generała George’a Smitha Pattona, 00-390 Warszawa, Poland

Show Name:- "All inclusive - improvised holiday at the Playground"

Host:- Playground Bar

Artists:- Majorca, Rimini, Hurghada

Date & Time:- Wednesday, 5 August 2020 from 20:00-21:00

Show Description:-
Sometimes you have to go to another continent to really lose your patience. It starts with drinking in the duty free zone - to teleport to paradise faster. Massive applause on the plane just after landing. There is no option to sleep, because from 6 am over the hotel swimming pool there is a fight for the best sunbed (I will not put up a screen here !?). Every morning: Continental takeaway breakfast, i.e. taking food out of the hotel’s dining room (paid in the end). In a word: improvised drama on an all inclusive vacation! Majorca, Rimini, Hurghada. The sun is at its zenith, the Poles are on the attack.