765: DCCCXCVII. Belize You Me (Lev Fer And Boris Khaykin)

Lev Fer and Boris Khaykin join Luis J. Gomez and Zac Amico and discuss how Lev never wants to train with Luis, Boris being a new dad, Luis losing his Oculus, Lev's new Harley, leg lengthening surgery, guys being insecure about their penis sizes, Luis preparing for a trip to Belize, Chet Hanks' motivational speech, the otter who stole a surfboard, the guy at an NYC McDonalds who attacked customers with an ax, Shake Shack vs Five Guys, the Pennsylvania restaurant who sued a customer for not paying the $3,000 tip they promised, Boris getting drugged and robbed while on vacation and so much more! 

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