333: CCCXXXIII. Hard Left Turn (Chris From BK & Robbie Goodwin)

Luis J. Gomez and Zac Amico are joined by Chris from Brooklyn of High Society Radio and Robbie Goodwin and discuss a recap of Luis's special taping, Krav Maga vs UFC, Kevin Hart stepping down from hosting the Oscars and Nick Cannon defending him (which makes him the Real Ass Dude Of The Week), the 2 nuns who stole from the church, believing in God vs just being scared of going to hell, Luis living in hotels, Jamaica villas, then we get a call from Ian Fidance to find out why he cancelled on today's show, the Australian girl who berated her Uber driver, the Florida man that robbed sneakers right after his Kohl's interview, the times all the guys have shoplifted, first time getting drunk, Listener Questions and plenty more!

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